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Edraw Max 流程圖製作工具


Edraw Max 使學生、教師和商業專業人士可靠地創建和發佈各種圖表來表示任何想法。

Edraw Max 是一個一體化圖表軟件,可以簡化創建專業流程圖、組織圖表、網絡圖、業務演示、構建計劃、思維導圖、科學插圖、時尚設計、UML 圖、工作流、程序結構、網頁設計圖、電氣工程圖、方向圖、數據庫圖等。Edraw Max 使您能夠在直觀、熟悉的 Office 風格環境中工作,並使用模板、形狀和繪圖工具創建大量圖表。

Edraw Max enables students, teachers and business professionals to reliably create and publish various kinds of diagrams to represent any ideas.

Edraw Max is an all-in-one diagram software that makes it simple to create professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, business presentations, building plans, mind maps, science illustration, fashion designs, UML diagrams, workflows, program structures, web design diagrams, electrical engineering diagrams, directional maps, database diagrams and more.Edraw Max enables you to create a wide range of diagrams using templates, shapes, and drawing tools while working in an intuitive and familiar Office-style environment.