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GraphPad StatMate 樣本大小及檢定力統計軟體​​


GraphPad StatMate takes the guesswork out of evaluating how many data points you'll need for an experiment, and makes it easy for you to quickly calculate the power of an experiment to detect various hypothetical differences. 

Its wizard-based format leads you through the necessary steps to determine the tradeoffs in terms of risks and costs. There is no learning curve with StatMate because it is self-explanatory. All the documentation you need is built right into the program.

StatMate features

  • Calculate sample size –StatMate helps you see the tradeoffs, so you can pick an appropriate sample size for your experiment.
  • Calculate power – Just because a study reaches a conclusion that the results are "not statistically significant" doesn't mean that the treatment was ineffective. It is possible that the study missed a small effect due to small sample size and/or large scatter. StatMate calculates the power of a test to detect various hypothetical differences.​

GraphPad StatMate 在評估一個實驗需要多少個數據點的過程中花費了猜測,並且可以很容易地快速計算實驗的力量,以檢測各種假設差異。 其基於嚮導的格式引導您完成必要的步驟,以確定在風險和成本方面的權衡。 StatMate 沒有學習曲線,因為它是不言自明的。 所有你需要的文檔都被內置到程序中

StatMate 特色:

  • 計算樣本大小 - StatMate 可幫助您查看折中方案,因此您可以為實驗選擇適當的樣本大小。
  • 計算功效 - 只是因為一項研究得出的結論是結果 "不具有統計學意義" 並不意味著治療無效。 由於小的樣本大小和/或大的散射,研究可能會錯過小的效應。 StatMate 計算測試的功率,以檢測各種假設差異。
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