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ImageGear 綜合性影像編輯工具​​


ImageGear Professional is your single source for all imaging functionality, enabling you to create high-performance custom imaging applications. An image processing library providing hundreds of imaging functions for 32- and 64-bit development, ImageGear Professional is the tool of choice for many of the world's leading software developers. 

Why do I want this image processing library?

  • Every imaging function you need

This image processing library includes functions for scanning and compression, viewing, annotation, printing, image editing, OCR, color image processing and more. 

  • Multi-format

Supports Windows development using DLLs or ActiveX, shared libraries for Unix/Linux platforms, and frameworks for Mac OS X. 

  • Enhanced documentation

ImageGear Professional is an image processing library that features enhanced user documentation and sample code to help you get started. 

ImageGear Professional 是您的所有圖像功能的唯一來源,使您能夠創造高性能的自定義影像應用,為 32 位元和 64 位元的發展提供數百種成像功能的開發的圖像處理庫,ImageGear Professional 是許多全球領先軟體的開發人員的首選工具。 


  • 這個圖像處理庫包括用於掃描和壓縮、觀看、註釋、打印、圖像編輯、OCR、彩色圖像處理和其他更多的功能
  • 支持使用的 DLL 或 ActiveX 的 Windows 系統,在 Unix/ Linux 平台和 Mac OS X 共享處理庫

ImageGear Professional 增強了用戶文檔和示例代碼,以幫助您初次使用更容易上手。