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Iocomp 科學繪圖軟體


Iocomp's 是一個專業儀表控件包。這些控件可用於科學、工程、醫療、石油、天然氣、半導體、工廠自動化、航空航天、軍事、機器人技術、電信、建築等領域。所有的 Iocomp 控件都是基於 OPC 的,如果你的項目需要 OPC 連接,你可以部署任何屬性到 OPC Items/Tags,所有的連接都可以通過 Iocomp 屬性編輯器實現可視化,也可以通過代碼實現動態效果

Iocomp's Ultra Pack is a suite of 56 controls for use in creating professional instrumentation applications. These controls are written in 100% managed code and support Microsoft and Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero development environments. Combines our Pro Pack & Plot Pack.

All controls are object oriented and share many common classes for consistency, easy of use, and interfacing with each other. Each control is optimized to get the best possible performance under the .Net Framework while still using the advanced GDI+ drawing routines which greatly improve the look of the controls. Most controls only require one line of code when interfacing to your application. Each control has a built-in custom property editor for ease of setup.