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​​ISAPI_Rewrite URL重寫元件​


ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful regular-expressions-based URL rewriter for IIS. It is compatible with Apache mod_rewrite making it possible to move configurations from Apache to IIS and vice versa just by copying .htaccess files (please see this compatibility chart). It is used for search engine optimization, to proxy another server's content, stop hotlinking or strengthen server security. 

Top features of ISAPI_Rewrite:

  • The same syntax and behavior as of Apache mod_rewrite make it possible to migrate configurations just by copying .htaccess files. Read more about mod_rewrite compatibility here.
  • Regular expressions for flexible and powerful configurations.
  • Extremely fast and highly scalable pure C++ code.
  • Real distributed configurations: global server level, virtual host (web site) level, directory level .htaccess files with real-time monitoring.
  • Isolation – user level configuration affects only local user environment making ISAPI_Rewrite an ideal solution for web hosting providers.​

ISAPI_Rewrite 是為 IIS 設計的強大 URL 重寫。它與 Apache的mod_rewrite 兼容,並可從 Apache 的到  IIS做移動配置,反之亦然,並也與 .htaccess 文件兼容。ISAPI_Rewrite 可用於搜索引擎優化,代理另一台服務器的內容,停止盜鏈或加強服務器的安全性。 

ISAPI_Rewrite 特點:

  • 靈活的表達式的和強大的配置。
  • 非常快速和高度可擴展的純 C ++代碼。
  • 真正的分佈式配置:全球服務器級別,虛擬主機水平,具有實時監控目錄級的 .htaccess 文件。​