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​LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro 包含工具開發人員需要的強大成像技術並擁有超過25年的成像開發經驗,LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro 包含 150 種以上的圖像格式,並可做圖像壓縮、圖像處理、圖像瀏覽器、成像通用對話,有 200 多個圖像顯示效果、TWAIN 和 WIA 圖像掃描、屏幕捕獲和圖像打印。

LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro 是一款入門級的產品開發,包含 LEADTOOLS 成像技術的應用。許多附加的功能在各種文獻、醫療及多媒體都可應用。

LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro includes the tools developers need to add powerful imaging technology to applications. With more than 25 years of imaging development expertise, LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro includes 150+ image formats, image compression, image processing, image viewers, imaging common dialogs, 200+ image display effects, TWAIN and WIA image scanning, screen capture, and image printing. 

LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro is an entry-level product to develop applications that incorporate LEADTOOLS imaging technologies. Many additional features are available in the various products of the Pro family, as well as the Document, Medical, and Multimedia families. For the greatest values in the market of Barcode, PDF, and HTML5/JavaScript imaging technology, take a look at the other products within the Pro Family.