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Online Simulator 線上模擬器

Sawtooth Software 的線上模擬器,在網址,旨在為用戶提供一個易於使用的,圖形豐富的模擬和分析環境。作為一個基於 Web 的工具,模擬器始終是最新的,並且是可在任何地方,你可以找到一個網絡連接。

Online Simulator, available at, is designed to provide users with an easy-to-use, graphically rich simulation and analysis environment. As a web-based tool, the simulator is always up-to-date, and is available anywhere you can find a web connection. Designed for efficiency and simplicity, the simulator is geared towards researchers and clients that want a quick, easy way to set up and run market simulations and summarize utilities and importance scores. The simulator costs $500 per year per account.

The Online Simulator is a web-based platform, allowing you and your clients access to data 24-hours a day. Because it is web-based, you'll have instant access to the latest improvements in the software. You'll also be able to store all your analysis projects in one place, conveniently switching between projects. The system allows you to set up individual client sub-accounts, granting them access to their projects while maintaining the confidentiality of your other clients.

You can customize which of the reporting aspects are available to your client (utilities, importances, and simulations) and hard-set the simulation settings. You can customize a very clean and simple interface for your client.