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PDF Password Remover 解除PDF密碼軟體​


VeryPDF PDF Password Remover 是用來解密那些受密碼保護的 PDF 文件。將那些禁止編輯、修改、列印、複製功能的文件轉換成可正常使用的 PDF 檔。


Remove PDF passwords and Restrictions

  • Decrypt PDF files protected by owner/master passwords.
  • Enabl you to reuse the encrypted PDF files by removing restrictions on copying, printing, editing, commenting, page extraction, etc. from the input files.
  • Remove user/open passwords from PDFs file only if you have the user/open passwords of the PDF files.

​Efficient Decryption Function

  • Support PDF format of version 1.8.
  • Able to remove 40 and 128-bit encryption owner passwords.
  • Able to remove AES encryption owner passwords.

Easy to Use

  • Support drag and drop when input PDF files.
  • Provide a command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts).
  • Support batch operation by using command lines.