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PGI Workstation 程式碼編輯器軟體


On Intel Haswell CPUs with OpenMP, PGI delivers multicore performance more than 50% faster than the latest GCC compilers. That’s like buying a cluster with 50% more compute nodes. PGI compilers deliver world-class multicore CPU performance and accelerator programming features that can dramatically increase the performance of applications on GPU accelerators.

Is your application 10s or 100s of thousands of lines of Fortran, C and C++ code? With OpenACC directives, you don’t have to parallelize all of it at once. You can identify hot loops and code regions using the PGPROF profiler, then incrementally parallelize and tune them one by one. OpenACC code remains 100% standard-compliant and portable to other compilers and platforms, and enables parallel processing on CPUs and GPUs using identical source code.

在具有OpenMP的Intel Haswell CPU上,PGI提供的多核性能比最新的GCC編譯器快50%以上。這就像購買一個擁有50%以上計算節點的集群。 PGI編譯器提供世界級的多核CPU性能和加速器編程功能,可顯著提高GPU加速器上的應用程序的性能。

你的應用程序是10s還是100s的Fortran,C和C ++代碼的幾千行?使用OpenACC指令,您不必同時並行執行所有操作。您可以使用PGPROF分析器識別熱循環和代碼區域,然後逐個並行增量並調整它們。OpenACC代碼保持100%標準兼容並可移植到其他編譯器和平台,並使用相同的源代碼在CPU和GPU上實現並行處理。​