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ProcessWizard 供應鏈模擬軟體



ProcessWizard is a powerful tool that brings your static process frameworks to life, and then puts them to work in your business.

Without requiring an army of external consultants, ProcessWizard enables the development of a clear transformation roadmap for your supply chain processes, and supports the capture and re-use of your valuable intellectual capital.

About ProcessWizard

ProcessWizard is designed for use by people who need to get a job done and deliver results. Designed to support and fast-track business transformation projects, ProcessWizard complements methodologies like Supply Chain Excellence. ProcessWizard allows you to capture your analysis in a robust and reusable business improvement framework. It also provides a high level of reliability and predictability with respect to project duration, cost and benefits. 

ProcessWizard enables an end-to-end process transformation journey:
  • Defines process templates, ensuring modelling consistency across the organisation
  • Facilitates enterprise-wide adoption of business process management
  • Captures employee experience, knowledge and skills - the intellectual capital of your business
  • Empowers employees and businesses to achieve "best practice" business performance
  • Clearly defines technology needs based on the strategic and operational requirements of the business
ProcessWizard in combination with our team of experienced, results-focused consultants represents a formidable supply chain improvement solution.