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@RISK 7.0 是你唯一需要的風險分析工具,它對任何決策者提供了很多改善、專門分析的功能。

Efficient Frontier Analysis ​

Especially useful in financial analysis, Efficient Frontiers determine the optimal return that can be expected from a portfolio at a given level of risk. This analysis is included with RISKOptimizer, the optimization component of @RISK available in the Industrial edition.


Also useful in the financial community, copulas provide sophisticated methods for correlating uncertain @RISK variables that give the user more control over the correlation pattern.

@RISK Data Viewer 

Allows you to display any spreadsheet data, not just simulation results, using all @RISK charts and graphing options.

Share @RISK Graphs and Models with Non-@RISK Users 

Graphically share input distributions and simulation results with those who do not have @RISK installed on their computers using new Thumbnail graphs. They can simply open your workbook and see @RISK graphs attached to the cells they describe -- no special viewer required! 

Customized Excel Reports 

New custom Excel reports in @RISK enable you to create exactly the simulation results reports you want directly in Excel, automatically formatted for optimal viewing.


Users can choose to receive automatic notification of future updates from within @RISK, with a one-click installation system.