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​easyPDF SDK, PDF轉檔軟體​​


BCL easyPDF SDK 是一個全面的 PDF 程式設計工具包,設計用於幫助程式師開發和維護 PDF 伺服器以及 PDF 桌面程式。

What's New in Version 7.0

New PDF Printer APIs

You now have more choices than ever before when converting Office documents to PDF.  In Version 7.0, Office 2007 and 2010 users can take advantage of the following new APIs. They allow conversion of Office documents to PDF in server environments without requiring an interactive user. They also offer a variety of specialized conversion options for XLS/XLSX, PUB, VSD, and PPT/PPTX documents.
  • Printer.ExcelPrintJobEx
  • Printer.PowerPointPrintJobEx
  • Printer.PublisherPrintJobEx
  • Printer.VisioPrintJobEx ​
Also new are APIs that allow you to set conversion options:
  • PrintJob.OfficePreference allows options to be set for all Office to PDF conversions instead of setting options for each application manually. 
  • PrintJob.WebBrowserPreference gets and sets the HTML to PDF preferences.
  • New PDF Processor APIs
  • Extract pages in memory without using temporary files with Processor.ExtractPagesMem.
  • Place a page from a PDF document on top of a page in another PDF Processor.StampPDFonPDF.
Crop pages to exact dimensions with Processor.CropPages and ProcessorHandle.CropPages.