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​​​​TerrSet 衛星影像軟體​​​


TerrSet is an integrated geospatial software system for monitoring and modeling the earth system for sustainable development. The TerrSet system incorporates the IDRISI GIS Analysis and IDRISI Image Processing tools along with a constellation of vertical applications. TerrSet offers the most extensive set of geospatial tools in the industry in a single, affordable package. There is no need to buy costly add-ons to extend your research capabilities.


The IDRISI GIS tool set offers over 300 analytical tools, primarily oriented to raster data, for the manipulation of geospatial datasets for the exploration of our rapidly changing.

IDRISI Image Processing

The IDRISI Image Processing System in TerrSet is an extensive set of procedures for image restoration, enhancement, transformation and classification of remotely sensed imagery

lLand Change Modeler

Land Change Modeler (LCM) is an innovative land planning and decision support software tool for land change analysis and prediction with a special facility for REDD project-level modeling.

Habitat and Biodiversity Modeler

The Habitat and Biodiversity Modeler (HBM) is a vertical application intended for habitat assessment, landscape pattern analysis and biodiversity modeling.


GeOSIRIS is a tool that quantifies and maps the impacts of national-level REDD projects on deforestation, carbon emissions, agricultural revenue, and carbon payments.

Ecosystem Services Modeler

The Ecosystem Services Modeler (ESM) is a spatial decision support system for assessing the value of natural capital for sustainable development.

Earth Trends Modeler

The Earth Trends Modeler (ETM) is an integrated suite of tools for the analysis of image time series data associated with Earth Observation remotely sensed imagery.

Climate Change Adaptation Modeler

The Climate Change Adaptation Modeler (CCAM) is suite of tools for modeling future climate and assessing its impacts on sea level rise, crop suitability and species distributions.

TerrSet 是一整合的地理空間軟件繼統,可持續穩定的監測和模擬地球系統。TerrSet 系統採用了 IDRISI GIS 分析和 IDRISI 圖像處理工具與垂直應用程序。提供業界最廣泛的一套地理空間工具,讓您以最低的價格買到最實用的產品,且不必再購買昂貴的附加組件來擴展你的研究能力。


該 IDRISI GIS 工具集提供了超過 300 項分析工具,主要包含柵格數據、地理空間數據集以應映我們迅速改變勘探操作。


TerrSet 的 IDRISI 圖像處理系統是一套廣泛的遙感影像的圖像恢復、增強、轉換和分類程序


lLand變化建模 (LCM) 是先進的土地變化分析和預測,為 REDD 項目級建模專用設備創新的土地規劃和決策支持軟件工具。


HBM 是一種用於評估棲息地的軟體,作為景觀格局分析和生物多樣性建模垂直應用。


GeOSIRIS 是一種量化國家級 REDD 項目的工具,能針對碳排放、農業收入和碳收支做處理。


生態系統服務建模器 (ESM) 能評估自然資本的價值,可持續發展的空間決策支持系統。


地球趨勢建模器 (ETM) 是用於地球觀測有關的圖像時間序列數據的分析的工具。​


適應氣候變化建模 (CCAM) 是用於模擬未來氣候和評估海平面上升、作物適宜性和物種分佈的影響的工具套件。​